THERMAL POWER PLANT TRAINING for Engineering Graduates and Diploma Holders (OMSPTRI-01 and OMSPTRI-02). VOCATIONAL TRAINING (OMSPTRI-05) for Engineering Degree/Diploma students of any branch.

Course Code Topic
OMSPTRI-01 30 Weeks Training on Operation & Maintenance of Thermal Power Plant for Graduate & Diploma Engineers, Branch: Mechanical, Electrical, EEE, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecommunication
OMSPTRI-02 24 Weeks Training on Operation & Maintenance of Combined Cycle Power Plant for Graduate & Diploma Engineers, Branch: Mechanical, Electrical, EEE, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecommunication
Short Term Training
OMSPTRI-03 1 Weeks Training on Gas Turbine & Combined Cycle Power Plant
OMSPTRI-04-i 1 Week Training on Thermal Power Plant Operation & Maintenance for Degree/ Diploma Engineers
OMSPTRI-04-ii 1 Week Training on Thermal Power Plant Operation & Maintenance for Operators/ Technicians
OMSPTRI-05 4 Weeks Vocational Training on Operation & Maintenance of Thermal Power Plant for Diploma & Degree Engineering Students & Professionals, Branch: Any
OMSPTRI-06 4 Weeks Training to Land Oustees.
Simulator Training
OMSPTRI-07 2 Weeks Training on Super Critical Power Plant Operation- 700 MW
OMSPTRI-08 2 Weeks Training on the Drum Boiler or Sub-critical Power Plant- 370 MW
OMSPTRI-09 2 Weeks Training on Combined Cycle Power Plant with Heat Recovery Steam Generator , STG & GT9FA- 730 MW
2 Days Short Term Refresher Training
OMSPTRI-1o Control & Instrumentation
OMSPTRI-11 Boiler & Auxiliaries
OMSPTRI-12 Fluidised Bed Boiler
OMSPTRI-13 Combustion Dynamics
OMSPTRI-14 Boiler Tube Failure
OMSPTRI-15 Coal Mills, Draught Fans & Air Heater
OMSPTRI-16 Indian Boiler Acts & Rule
OMSPTRI-17 Emission Control (ESP, Bag Filter)
OMSPTRI-18 Turbine & Auxiliaries
OMSPTRI-19 Condenser, Condensate & Feed Water, Deaerator and Cooling Tower
OMSPTRI-20 Steam Turbine Governing, HPLP Bypass & Oil System
OMSPTRI-21 Plant Efficiency & Performance Monitoring
OMSPTRI-22 Pumps & Compressor
OMSPTRI-23 Bearing, Coupling & Shaft Alignment
OMSPTRI-24 Generator & Electrical System
OMSPTRI-25 Electricity Acts, Rules & Electrical Safety
OMSPTRI-26 Electrical Motors for Power Plants
OMSPTRI-27 HT/ LT Switch Gears, Transformers
OMSPTRI-28 Switchyard, Transmission & Distribution
OMSPTRI-29 Water Chemistry in Power Plant
OMSPTRI-30 Coal Handling , Ash Handling, Fuel Oil System
OMSPTRI-31 Fire Prevention, Protection & Safety
OMSPTRI-32 Construction Management
OMSPTRI-33 Communication Skill, English
OMSPTRI-34 Start up and Shut Down of Combined Cycle Power Plant
OMSPTRI-35 Heat Balance of Combined Cycle Power Plant
OMSPTRI-36 Combined Cycle Power Plant and Open Cycle Gas Power Plant
OMSPTRI-37 HRSG Performance
OMSPTRI-38 HRSG Reliability
OMSPTRI-39 Advanced Turbines for higher capacity of CCPP
OMSPTRI-40 Steam Turbine Commissioning
OMSPTRI-41 Turbine Vibration
OMSPTRI-42 Turbine Governing System
OMSPTRI-43 Operation and Maintenance of Generator and Excitation
OMSPTRI-44 Emergency Operations

  • 26th batch of 30 weeks training on O&M of Thermal power plant & Solar power completed.
  • 5 days duration training program on “Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Entrepreneurs” under World Bank – Suprava scheme was held from 8th April to 12th April 2019.
  • Admission open to Degree/diploma engineering students for 1 MONTH duration condensed training course on O&M of Thermal Power Plant.
  • Specialised training on "ADVANCED GAS TURBINE & CCPP" was held from 4th September to 8th September 2017 for engineers from MECON Ltd.
  • Recently 8 Engineers placed in O&M Solutions Private Limited, Bhubaneswar.
  • Specialised Training on "STEAM TURBINE GOVERNING" was held on 27th & 28th of January 2017, where many experienced engineers from different corporate houses attended the program
  • Onsite Training to Engineers of TATAPOWER NELLORE (27th September 2017) on O&M of Boilers & Auxiliaries and Coal conveying System.
  • Onsite Training to Engineers of TATAPOWER BINA (25th & 26th August 2016) on Boiler & Turbine.
  • Training to Engineers at DB Power, Raigarh on Boiler Tube Failure, Emergencies and Turbine Governing System from 12th September 2016 to 15th September 2016
  • Training to Engineers from Gas Authority India Ltd. from 1st August 2016 to 6th August 2016
  • 90 Days Training on Skill Development program of SURYAMITRA 1St Batch Compleated.
  • Completed 1 batch of training at Tata Sponge.
  • Completed 5 batches of training at Tata Power.
  • Short Term Training given to working professionals from corporate houses like GAIL,TATA SPONGE, TATA POWER, NALCO, HINDALCO, ADITYABIRLA, OPGC, GMR, LANCO, MONNET POWER, NAVBHARAT, IFFCO, KPSE, BRPL, SOGEX OMAN, AVANTA POWER & SEMBCORP(United Arab Emirates).MECON

  • OMS Power Training And Research Institute has been recognized by theCentral Electricity Authority (CEA), Ministry of Power, Govt. of India.for providing the training on O&M of elcetrical plants, transmission & Distribution systems irrespective of the capacity of the power plant/ voltage level of transmission & Distribution systems.

    • Thermal Power Plant Training
    • Thermal Power Plant Refresher Course
    • Advanced PC based Simulator Training course of 2 Weeks duration available.
    • Refresher Course on Indian Power Sector & Regulatory Affairs
    • Refresher Course on Power Plant Chemistry
    • Vocational Training
    • Need based Power Plant Training

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