THERMAL POWER PLANT TRAINING for Engineering Graduates and Diploma Holders (OMSPTRI-01 and OMSPTRI-02). VOCATIONAL TRAINING (OMSPTRI-05) for Engineering Degree/Diploma students of any branch.

Course Code Topic
OMSPTRI-01 30 Weeks Training on Operation & Maintenance of Thermal Power Plant for Graduate & Diploma Engineers, Branch: Mechanical, Electrical, EEE, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecommunication
OMSPTRI-02 24 Weeks Training on Operation & Maintenance of Combined Cycle Power Plant for Graduate & Diploma Engineers, Branch: Mechanical, Electrical, EEE, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecommunication
Short Term Training
OMSPTRI-03 1 Weeks Training on Gas Turbine & Combined Cycle Power Plant
OMSPTRI-04-i 1 Week Training on Thermal Power Plant Operation & Maintenance for Degree/ Diploma Engineers
OMSPTRI-04-ii 1 Week Training on Thermal Power Plant Operation & Maintenance for Operators/ Technicians
OMSPTRI-05 4 Weeks Vocational Training on Operation & Maintenance of Thermal Power Plant for Diploma & Degree Engineering Students & Professionals, Branch: Any
OMSPTRI-06 4 Weeks Training to Land Oustees.
Simulator Training
OMSPTRI-07 2 Weeks Training on Super Critical Power Plant Operation- 700 MW
OMSPTRI-08 2 Weeks Training on the Drum Boiler or Sub-critical Power Plant- 370 MW
OMSPTRI-09 2 Weeks Training on Combined Cycle Power Plant with Heat Recovery Steam Generator , STG & GT9FA- 730 MW
2 Days Short Term Refresher Training
OMSPTRI-1o Control & Instrumentation
OMSPTRI-11 Boiler & Auxiliaries
OMSPTRI-12 Fluidised Bed Boiler
OMSPTRI-13 Combustion Dynamics
OMSPTRI-14 Boiler Tube Failure
OMSPTRI-15 Coal Mills, Draught Fans & Air Heater
OMSPTRI-16 Indian Boiler Acts & Rule
OMSPTRI-17 Emission Control (ESP, Bag Filter)
OMSPTRI-18 Turbine & Auxiliaries
OMSPTRI-19 Condenser, Condensate & Feed Water, Deaerator and Cooling Tower
OMSPTRI-20 Steam Turbine Governing, HPLP Bypass & Oil System
OMSPTRI-21 Plant Efficiency & Performance Monitoring
OMSPTRI-22 Pumps & Compressor
OMSPTRI-23 Bearing, Coupling & Shaft Alignment
OMSPTRI-24 Generator & Electrical System
OMSPTRI-25 Electricity Acts, Rules & Electrical Safety
OMSPTRI-26 Electrical Motors for Power Plants
OMSPTRI-27 HT/ LT Switch Gears, Transformers
OMSPTRI-28 Switchyard, Transmission & Distribution
OMSPTRI-29 Water Chemistry in Power Plant
OMSPTRI-30 Coal Handling , Ash Handling, Fuel Oil System
OMSPTRI-31 Fire Prevention, Protection & Safety
OMSPTRI-32 Construction Management
OMSPTRI-33 Communication Skill, English
OMSPTRI-34 Start up and Shut Down of Combined Cycle Power Plant
OMSPTRI-35 Heat Balance of Combined Cycle Power Plant
OMSPTRI-36 Combined Cycle Power Plant and Open Cycle Gas Power Plant
OMSPTRI-37 HRSG Performance
OMSPTRI-38 HRSG Reliability
OMSPTRI-39 Advanced Turbines for higher capacity of CCPP
OMSPTRI-40 Steam Turbine Commissioning
OMSPTRI-41 Turbine Vibration
OMSPTRI-42 Turbine Governing System
OMSPTRI-43 Operation and Maintenance of Generator and Excitation
OMSPTRI-44 Emergency Operations

The institute is capable of providing trainings as per syllabus framed by CEA, Skill India on Thermal power/Solar power, Simulator, Safety etc. Its accomplices are given below.

  • Completed 27 batches of LONG TERM (7 months) training as per CEA syllabus on Thermal power and Solar power.
  • Completed training on T&D as per CEA syllabus (Schedule-I & II) to Engineers of M/s Adityabirla group at Hindalco industries, Hirakud, UAIL-Tikiri, Rayagada.
  • Refreshers short duration onsite training given to Engineers of Tata power at Kalinganagar, Jajpur, Meenakshi Power-Nellore, Bharat-Oman refineries Ltd.-Bina), Monnet power, Avantha power-Chhatishgarh, Dainik Bhaskar-Chhatishgarh, Bhusan power-Angul energy ltd.-Angul, LANCO Power, Nav Bharat ventures-Angul, IFFCO-Paradeep, IB Thermal power station-Jharsuguda, Tata Steel-Kalinga nagar, Angul Energy Ltd. etc.
  • Refreshers short duration training at our institute (OMSPTRI) to corporate engineers like MECON on “Advanced Gas turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plant”, GAIL (Gas Authority of India Ltd.) on “ O&M of Steam Turbine”, NALCO Captive Power plant-Angul, Korean Power, Bhubaneshwar Power Pvt. Ltd.
  • Training on Specialized subject on “STEAM TURBINE GOVERNING SYSTEM” to Engineers of different company.
  • Skill Development programs on ROOF TOP SOLAR to entrepreneurs and ITI technicians, sponsored by Skill India.
  • SIMULATOR Training on CCPP to overseas engineers like SEMBCORP-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, BANGLADESH Engineers, SOJEX OMAN INDIA PVT. LTD.-Tripura
  • SIMULATOR Training on Drum Boiler to Engineers from GMR Energy, UAIL-Tikiri, OPGC, Hindalco-Hirakud, Hindalco-Muri
  • VOCATIONAL Trainings to many engineering students.
  • Fire and Safety trainings to many industries in Odisha.

  • OMS Power Training And Research Institute has been recognized by theCentral Electricity Authority (CEA), Ministry of Power, Govt. of India.for providing the training on O&M of elcetrical plants, transmission & Distribution systems irrespective of the capacity of the power plant/ voltage level of transmission & Distribution systems.

    • Thermal Power Plant Training
    • Thermal Power Plant Refresher Course
    • Advanced PC based Simulator Training course of 2 Weeks duration available.
    • Refresher Course on Indian Power Sector & Regulatory Affairs
    • Refresher Course on Power Plant Chemistry
    • Vocational Training
    • Need based Power Plant Training

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